The goal of this task to improve a data visualisation with the objective of telling a particular story and using data visualisation and wrangling techniques you’ve learned so far (and maybe even pushing yourself a bit further to try out something new).


  1. Step 1: Complete Lab 02 exercises during the workshop.

  2. Step 2: Export your final visualisation and paste it into this Google Doc on this Google Doc. Make sure to enter under University of Edinburgh. Do this before the call on Friday.

  3. Step 3: Update your Zoom profile to include [UoE] in the front of your name. To do so you will need to log on to Zoom prior to the meeting and update your profile. This will help us make sure we have participants from both schools in each room.

  4. Step 4: Join the Zoom call with University of Edinburgh and University of Florida students on Friday, 9 October, 19:00 UK time. Link will be sent out via a Learn announcement.

  5. Step 5: Fill out the following form.

Due Date: Submit your answers by Sunday, 11 October, 17:00 UK time.